Past event

Svelte Society Day 2020

Sun Apr 26 2020

The Svelte Society Day 2020 was an event especially for people new at Svelte with helpful tutorials and advices.

You can find a playlist with all the talks on youtube or you can check out the livestream of Svelte Society Day 2020 here:

Talk timestamps:

9:30: Data Fetching

42:27 Compiler

56:39 A 10kb email client built with Svelte

1:22:15 Authentication in Sapper

2:36:34 Creative coding

3:06:00 Routify (file based routes)

3:24:00 Svelte Forms (library)

3:4:00 Effective Transitioning

3:57:55 Animations in Svelte

4:45:13 What is Svelte?