Submitting a new component

To add a new component on the website, the process is rather simple. You have to add a snippet in the appropriate file.

Generating file contents snippet

Each component is represented by a JSON Object. Use the generator below to generate the Object.

* marked fields are required

The type of snippet to generate
Name of the component
The URL where to find it
A short description of the component
The npm name of the component
The date when the component have been added on the website (generally it’s today)
The category of the component
A list of tags

JSON Snippet

    "title": "svelte-lorem-ipsum",
    "url": "",
    "description": "A dummy text generator that does not exist",
    "npm": "svelte-lorem-ipsum",
    "addedOn": "2021-10-13"

Copy this snippet and add it to components.json. You can propose your changes directly in GitHub.